The book club

To encourage the youth to develop their reading, writing and communication skills, and to share their gained knowledge to encourage their peers.

Performing Arts

South Africa is a tourism attraction country with thousands of tourists day to day. We believe that Art culture and heritage will play a pivotal role in the economic self-determination and skills development in South Africa and surrounding countries.



• To encourage the youth to never give up on their goals.

• To empower the community through interaction by sharing ideas during Book Club sessions and workshops

• To establish an accredited arts and culture multipurpose centre for the community members as a support structure for development through exchange of skills and knowledge.

• To skill the unemployed youth and assist in job placement for those who have the qualification.

• To create the standard of living that will reduce crime, drugs and other negative activities.

• Beautification and internationalization of the rural environment and its communities

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Big Eagle Youth Development (BEYD) is Non Profit Organisation (NPO) and it was established to create opportunities for the youth and community at large in the arts and culture sector. Registered in 2016, this organization aims to train, educate and assist in job creation for our youth, people with disability and community at large.


Our Mission

• To elevate the livelihoods of the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in the rural areas through motivation and training,

• Empower them with confidence to never give up to build an economy which will contribute towards job creation and growth of South Africa and surrounding countries.

• To create a culture of learning, skilling ourselves and others for the betterment of our youth and communities.

• To set a trend that will promote a system of creating commodity through development of arts and culture by laying a platform to express creativity

• To build sustainable products that will be archived for our coming generation.


Our Vision

• Skillfully and meticulously uplift the community of South Africa and surround countries through enrichment and quality transfer of skills and preservation of our traditions through arts, culture and heritage

• Successfully integrate education, training, culture and creative aspect into the development of this area and its youth

• Alleviate poverty by skilling and developing the youth and people with disability to the level of self-empowerment and job creation for others.



Greetings From Big Eagle Youth Development.

Due to the Current status quo of the World brought forth by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have suspended most of our operations. With that being said BEYD is organizing a short story writting a competition. We urge all those who wish to participate within this Competition to take an Innovative approach in writing a story in Notion to the COVID-19. Your story can take any approach towards adressing the status quo, Educating individuals concerning the status quo or any other COVID-19 Centralized idealogies. Submissions: Competition closing date is 30th of May 2020

Please note: Minimum of 5-10 pages

Winners will be selected

Our Leadership


Sinethemba Mthethwa

Sinethemba Mthethwa - Chairperson

Khutso Rakumako

Khutso Rakumako - Deputy Chairperson

Terrence Letsie

Terrence Letsie - Treasurer

Michelle Rashalaha

Michelle Rashalaha - Productions manager

Lebogang Boshielo

Lebogang Boshielo - Secretary

Nkosingiphile Ngema

Nkosingiphile Ngema - Public Officer

Bornwise Mathonsi

Bornwise Mathonsi - Promotions Manager

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